Inspiri, excelezi, ai timp, și un super job, comunic, te faci înțeleasă, contezi, performezi, prosperi, ești liberă, schimbi lumea, te bucuri, ești liniștită și… completă. Deplin. În 6 luni. Un lider global, înțelegând cultura locală și diversitatea pentru a schimba paradigma. Pentru tine. Și pentru ceilalți.

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True leadership is not about the person but what is she able to create. And how does she distributes leadership. Basically is about building extraordinary people to follow the Leader.

That’s why, beyond basic skills pointed out above, you will get your hands on some Exceptional Leadership Tools:

  • 99 Mind-sets of 99 Leadership Styles
  • The Flexible External Teams practice
  • Decoding Patterns of Attitudes & Motivations
  • Flow  Enhancer for High Performance
  • Personal Intuition Booster
  • Framing and Re-framing Failure
  • Profiling Vulnerabilities
  • Performance Coaching Engine
  • Decoding & re-shaping internal cultures
  • Innovation Engineering Tools
  • Body Language Enhancer
  • Empathy Building
  • Personal High Performance Techniques
  • Persuasion Engineering
  • Precision Questioning
  • Do you want more? Just ask.

What kind of Training?

  • 70% “hands-on tasks”
  • 20% interactive feedback
  • 10% speech/presentation
  • plus 30% ONLINE

Customized for you:

  • Developed to be group interactive experiential learning, informal, educational and entertaining;
  • Includes o series demonstrations and practical exercises  to deeply embed specific Leadership competences ;
  • Based on direct experience and aiming real life applications;
  • Fully interactive as part of the learning process;
  • Instant, specific and personalized feedback .

Stepping out the comfort zone and entering a challenging but always “safe” environment propels the students to a new level of development; sometimes a fast pace, sometimes involving slowing down, sometimes diverging towards multiple directions and sometimes involves the converging towards the details that make a difference.

If any of these fits and you are a woman, you are mentally qualified to join “Top Leadership for Women” 6 months program.